12 Buckets

12 Buckets is a Perth-based charity that strives to equip primary students in need of mentoring with the skills, support and connections to build a strong future.

The 12 Buckets One-to-One Mentoring program is its stand-out success. Tailored one-to-one mentoring is the core element for helping primary aged children to build resilience and work towards a brighter future. 

In the words of one of their students, Rohit (12), “12 Buckets has changed my life. It has helped me to be who I really am and to feel like I am supposed to be here… where I am.”

The 12 Buckets program focuses on 12 areas deemed important for overall wellbeing. These areas fall under the four categories of responsibility, community, mastery, and generosity. The bucket image remains the key element that shapes the 12 Buckets program and it represents the underlying philosophy that fullness in life comes when you pour yourself out for others.

Our early intervention strengths-based approach to mentoring means that we help uncover a child’s existing area of strength or interest through taking time to get to know each other through games and other activities. Activities could be around cooking, art, building, music, writing, environment, sport, photography or web design. The list goes well beyond these!