Values and Beliefs

Our Vision

To provide an inclusive and supporting learning community that strives for excellence and empowers students to become independent thinkers of the future.

Our Beliefs

At Koondoola we believe an effective school is one;

  • Where staff support each other and work together
  • That builds strong relationships among staff, parents and students
  • That uses technology to support students to collaborate, innovate and create
  • Where excellence is promoted across all aspects of the school

At Koondoola we believe an effective classroom is one;

  • Where children are challenged and inspired to learn in an inclusive environment that supports them to realise their full potential
  • Where staff work together to provide a well-structured learning program with clear expectations and outcomes

At Koondoola we believe an effective staff member is one;

  • That is flexible, co-operative and collaborates genuinely and positively with their colleagues
  • That has strong work ethic, is open to new ideas and embraces change for the betterment of the whole school

At Koondoola we believe an effective student is one;

  • That demonstrates resilience, care and respect towards their peers
  • That strives to achieve their very best
  • That respects the rights of others

Our Values

  • Unity
  • Achievement
  • Respect
  • Responsibility
  • Caring
  • Perseverance