Koondoola Klarion

31 March 2021

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Term 1 has been a relatively short term (only 8 weeks) because of the delayed start at the beginning of the term, due to COVID-19. The last day the students come to school this term is Thursday 1 April. The Good Friday public holiday is on 2 April, the students do not attend school on this day. The first day of term 2 is Monday 19 April. Please note, there is NO School Development Day at the start of term 2, the students return on the first day of term, Monday 19 April.


On Tuesday 16 March, our Solar Challenge Team participated in the Synergy School Solar Challenge for the North Metropolitan region. We are delighted to announce our team won 1st  Place in the Year 6, Semi Finals of the competition! The competition was held at St Marks School in Hillarys. Our Solar Challenge Team consists of Almodather, Lucien, Bhuvin and Ben who are pictured below with their certificates. The team designed and constructed their solar car then “raced” their car against other Year 6 teams from a variety of schools in the North Metropolitan region.

Our team progressed to the State Final of the Solar Car Challenge that was held yesterday Tuesday 30 March at Bob Hawke College in Subiaco. Our team competed very well against four (4) teams from south of the river and four (4) teams from regional areas in Western Australia. Although they didn’t come home with the win, we are very proud of our team for making it so far.

Thank you to Mrs Em for coaching the students and preparing them for the competition.


I am thrilled to announce that Mrs Fanelli has been successfully appointed Deputy Principal at Anne Hamersley Primary School for the remainder of the year, we are all very excited for her. This promotion recognises the wonderful work Mrs Fanelli has done at Koondoola Primary School over the past 21 years. On behalf of the staff and school community, we wish her well in her new role. At this stage Mrs Fanelli will return to Koondoola in 2022. As a result of this announcement, I’m pleased to announce Miss Amanda Kendall will take on the full-time teaching role of the C6 for the remainder of the year. I can also announce we have appointed Mr Mathew Virtyo as Science specialist teacher for the rest of the year.


Our swimming lessons finished on Friday 19 March. The students really enjoyed going to the pool and learning water safety skills. We have a few clothing items of lost property from swimming that have not been claimed yet. If your child is missing anything they used during the swimming lessons, please check with the office. Thank you to Mr Ioannou for coordinating the lessons and all of the staff who helped out and supported the students during swimming.


The article below was written by a Year 11 student from Sacred Heart College.

Vinnies Koondoola Primary School Aboriginal Outreach Program
On Tuesday 23 March, a group of seven Year 11 Young Vinnies members, accompanied by Mrs Hywood, Mrs Hunter and Mrs Holmes, visited Koondoola Primary School to take part in an Aboriginal Outreach Programme. We were so excited to renew our friendship with the children we met last year, along with some fresh faces. When we arrived, we were able to hide mini Easter Eggs in the school’s nature playground. We were greeted with squeals of delight and big hugs when the little ones were allowed out of their classrooms. Individual Easter baskets were given to the child to hunt for the eggs. We then went inside to do some colouring and chatting.

At the end, we were graciously gifted with some Easter eggs before saying goodbye to our buddies. We look forward to the children visiting again next term.


Students from Sacred Heart College have again been making ‘emergency lunches’ for our students. Students who have left their lunch at home are given an ‘emergency lunch’ that consists of a sandwich, a piece fruit and possibly a small muffin. Thank you to the Sacred Heart College students for making the lunches to our school.  We appreciate your effort and generous support of our students.


The year 6 students have been selling tickets for the Easter Raffle in the undercover area at recess time on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Thank you to the parents and staff who have kindly donated eggs, rabbits etc for the Easter raffle, your support is much appreciated.

Thank you to Mr K for helping the year 6 students to organise the raffle. Funds raised from the raffle will be used to subsidise the Year 6 end of year activities.  Thank you to everyone who purchased a raffle ticket or two. We wish everyone a happy Easter!


We are seeking donations for the year 5 and 6 art project called Steam Punk Robot Sculpture.  We are asking families to look around at home for items they may have that we need for the sculptures. We need lots of different recycled objects like spoons, robot toys, inside of computer or electronic parts, clocks, watches, paper rolls (please no toilet rolls), cardboard, wire, pliers, pop sticks, nuts and bolts.  The students will be creating an amazing robot using the donated items

This request is from Miss Baker – Art specialist teacher


At our assembly on Friday 26 March, our school celebrated Harmony Week. Many students, parents and staff came to school dressed in their traditional clothes or costumes. Our school is multicultural and diverse and Harmony Week is the perfect time to celebrate with families who have come to Australia from other parts of the World. During Harmony Week our students participated in a range of Harmony Day activities. Thank you to Mrs Gecas and her team for organising a range of activities for the students.  Thank you also to the many parents who joined us at the Harmony Week Assembly.


Five (5) students from the Intensive English Centre are finishing their time at our school next week and will be attending schools closer to where they live.

Thank you to Sama, Alaa, Mahdi, Jamshid and Naser for being part of our school. We wish you well at your new school.

MERIT AWARDS – Friday 26 March

Congratulations to the students whose names are listed below who were presented with a Merit Award at the Harmony Day Assembly last Friday.

A2– Diana, A3 – Son, A4 – Nyla, A6 – Moo K’Poe, B1 – Alaa, B2 – Batool, B4 – Jacob, B5 – Eh Sher Der Mae, B6 – Chase, C2 –  Heron, C4 – Eyerusalem, C5 – Abdelrahman, C6 – Mooeh, EC1 – Kaiden, EC2 – Nargis, Physical Education – Christ Tar Hay Nay Soe (B5), Art – Benjamin (C6), Music – Rahail (B5), Spanish – Jazzleen (B4)


At our assembly last week, Miss Gates spoke to the students about our recycling / sustainability program. The program was launched in 2020 and this year we are increasing our awareness of the four (4) items that we are collecting. The students learnt about our focus to create a more sustainable environment by recycling everyday items that we all have at home. We encourage students to bring in the following four (4) items and put them into the collection box in their classroom. Plastic lids from milk, juice and drinks bottles that have code 2 or code 4 inside a triangle shape inside the lid can be accepted. Please remove the thin white plastic liners and wash the lids before bringing them to school.

We are also collecting plastic bread tags like the ones in the picture on the left. Old pens, highlighters, textas, whiteboard pens and empty liquid paper containers can also be sent in for recycling. We are continuing to collect batteries like the ones in the picture below. It is very important old batteries are NOT put into household rubbish bins because they contain acid that is very bad for the environment.  We accept dry cell batteries including AA, AAA (single or rechargeable), C, D, button batteries (from toys, watches and games), 9 volt and 6 volt batteries and batteries from cordless tools.


Several weeks ago students were given a Student Update form to take home.  The Student Update Sheet were on pink paper.  We are disappointed that many students have not returned their sheet to school yet. It is very important the school has the correct mobile phone numbers etc in case we need to contact parents if their child is sick or injured and we need to speak to parents during the school day. Please carefully check the information on your child’s form, make corrections where necessary, sign the form and return it to school before Thursday 1 April.


On Tuesday 30 March Mr Ralph has invited selected students to attend the first Principal’s Luncheon for this year. One or two students from each class were chosen to attend the luncheon based on their 100% attendance this term. Other students also demonstrated our School values of Unity, Achievement, Respect, Responsibility, Caring and Perseverance.  The students that attended the luncheon were;

Cruz – Kindy, Pamela – A2, Zainab – A3, Lisa – A6, Narley – B4, Jamshid – C4, Agon – C6, Sama – B1, Harlee – B6, Kateesha – C6, David – B2, Cynthia – A4, Elizabeth – C5, Kevin – Kindy, Juliet – A4, Shaylee – C5, Esther – B5, Christin – EC2, Grace – C6, Savannah – C6, Farah – EC1, William – B4, Radiya – A6, Nevaeh – B5, Rachel – EC2


This year we only have one Kindergarten class.  The Kindy students attend on Mondays, Tuesdays and alternate Wednesdays. The students have settle into their kindy routine very well and are enjoying being part of our school.


On Tuesday 30 March, the parents of the Kindy students were invited to come along to a special Parent Afternoon Tea. The kindergarten students presented a “mini concert” and sang for their parents.  Everyone then enjoyed afternoon tea.  Parents then participated in a “play session” with the students.


Recently the P&C Association received a very generous donation of $1,000.00 from the Balga Friday Markets. We sincerely appreciate the donation that will be put towards ongoing sporting activities that support our health and fitness programs at the school.  We are very appreciative of the generous donation and are delighted to advertise the Balga Markets.

The Balga Friday Market operates each Friday (at the rear of) Herb Graham Recreation Centre Mirrabooka. Sellers are admitted from 6.00am until 12.00 noon. The cost is $15.00 per bay for sellers. Entry for buyers is from 7.00am until 12.00 noon and buyers are admitted FREE (no cost). Bric-a-brac, plants, clothing, tools, books, toys, fruit and vegetables etc are on sale. Tea, coffee, cool drinks and water is available to purchase.  Sausage sizzles and bacon and egg toasted sandwiches can also be purchased. For further details and to book a seller’s bay, please contact Ancell Wilde on 0404 790 037 (Wednesdays to Fridays only) or Alan Stafford on 9342 4895 or email


The Koondoola Dental Therapy Centre will be closed on Friday 2 April for Good Friday public holiday. In the case of a dental emergency, please contact the following centres any time from 8.00am until 4.00pm:-

Wednesday 7 April – Hudson Park Dental Therapy Centre – 9342 4217
Thursday 8 April – Carnaby Rise Dental Therapy Centre – 6401 8111
Friday 9 April – Hudson Park Dental Therapy Centre – 9342 4271
Wednesday 14 April – Pearsall Dental Therapy Centre – 9405 3405
Thursday 15 April and Friday 16 April – Hudson Park Dental Therapy Centre – 9342 4217

The Koondoola Dental Therapy Centre will open on the first day of term 2, Monday 19 April.


Early in term 2 we will be sending home letters to parents who have not yet paid their child’s voluntary contributions for this year. All students are asked to pay $40.00 voluntary contributions.  The letters we will be sending home to parents are for Unpaid Billing Items eg Voluntary Contributions. Parents can choose to pay their child’s Voluntary Contribution in parts, e.g. $10.00 per term or $20.00 per semester. The money collected from the payment of the Voluntary Contributions is used to purchase extra supplies and equipment for the children, e.g. maths and literacy books, science equipment, library books, sports equipment, art supplies and also subsidise excursions and incursions throughout the year.

We have an EFTPOS machine in the office for parents who wish to pay using their card instead of cash.


Parents who would like their child will be collected from school by another person eg a  neighbour, friend, day care or family day carer need to come to the office to complete the permission form – “2021 Permission Slip for Release of Child to Authorised Pick-up Person”.   The form needs to be completed with the name and phone number of the person collecting the child/children and signed by the parent. We will need the person collecting the child to come to the office the first day they collect the child/children and bring photo identification that will be copied and retained at the school.


Eclipse Universal is our school’s uniform provider.  Parents need to go to the shop at Unit 2 / 10 Stanford Way in Malaga to purchase uniforms directly for their children.   The school no longer sells uniforms to parents. Eclipse Universal has a full range of winter uniforms in all sizes available for immediate purchase. The store is open from 9.30am until 4.30pm from Monday to Friday. If you have questions about uniforms, phone 9249 4344.


Parents are reminded to arrive on time at 2.55pm to collect their children at the end of the day.  Young children can become very distressed if you arrive late to collect them from school. Children who are not collected at 2.55pm will wait for their parents in the front office.