Community Notices

Steam Punk Robot Art Project

We need your help! Our year 5 and 6 students are creating Steam Punk Sculptures and we are asking for donated household items. We need lots of different recycled objects like spoons, robot toys, inside of computer or electronic parts, clocks, watches, cardboard rolls (not toilet rolls), cardboard, wire, pliers, popsticks, nuts and bolts. To create an amazing robot, we need your help. Thank you!

Miss Baker – Art Specialist

Recycling / Sustainability Program

A reminder that we are continuing to accept items for our recycling program. Students can bring the items to school and put them into the collection box in their classroom. Plastic lids from milk, juice and drinks bottles that have code 2 or code 4 inside a triangle shape, inside the lid can be accepted. Please remove the thin white plastic liners from inside the lids and wash the lids before bringing them to school.

We are also collecting plastic bread tags like the ones pictured. Old pens, highlighters, textas, whiteboard pens and empty liquid paper containers can also be sent in for recycling.  We are continuing to collect batteries as it is very important old batteries are NOT put into household rubbish bins because they contain acid that is very bad for the environment.  We accept dry cell batteries including AA, AAA (single or rechargeable), C, D, button batteries (from toys, watches and games), 9 volt and 6 volt batteries and batteries from cordless tools.

Breakfast Club

Our school is running a Breakfast Club again this year. Students who would like to have breakfast with other students are invited to come along to the 12 Buckets room on Tuesday and Thursday mornings starting at 8.15am.


A trained play leader from the Smith Family runs our playgroup on Thursday mornings. The group meets from 9.00am until 11.00am. Children from new-born to 4 years of age are welcome along. Playgroup is a wonderful way for parents to meet other parents who also have small children. Many of the parent find others who speak their language and have had similar life journeys.

Playgroup is held in EC3 (Early Childhood 3 classroom) in the Early Learning Centre in Meldrum Way. There is parking in Meldrum Way or the path from the school leads to EC3.  Everyone is welcome to come along. You don’t need to arrive promptly at 9.00am, it is okay if you are running a little bit late. Please bring a hat with a brim, a piece of fruit and a water bottle.

Saver Plus

Could $500 help you with school costs? Join saver Plus, and they’ll match your savings, dollar for dollar, up to $500 for school costs.
See flyer here for eligibility and further details.